FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Rock to Recovery was founded on 12/12/12 by Wesley Geer
  • Since it’s inception Rock to Recovery has worked with over 30 different treatment programs, at 65 different locations from San Diego to Malibu and Las Vegas.
  • We have formed several thousand bands!
  • We have written several thousand songs with our clients!
  • Our songs are written recorded live within our sessions and uploaded to our SoundCloud page
  • As of June 1, 2015, we are performing over 225 Rock to Recovery sessions each month
  • Rock to Recovery is proud to work with men & women of all ages
  • Rock to Recovery works with people recovering from drug/alcohol addiction, at-risk youths, , mental health, eating disorders, co-occuring disorders, and our nation’s Wounded Warriors

Business Model:

  • Rock to Recovery has two separate business entities; a for-profit and a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization
  • A portion of Rock to Recovery’s (for profit) revenue helps fund our non-profit endeavors
  • Scholarships and funding assistance are available to non-profit and state-funded entities at the discretion of Rock to Recovery
  • A request for scholarship may be made for Rock to Recovery services, via email: Info@RocktoRecovery.org
  • 100% of donations to the 501(c)3 Rock to Recovery organization are used to purchase and maintain the musical equipment we use for groups, fund sessions to organizations that could not otherwise afford them, and to compensate our group facilitators when necessary.