Nate Lawler


Nate Lawler

Program Administrator, Orange County

Nate has been a singer/songwriter for 20 years. He is best known for his band ‘Death on Wednesday‘ which developed a cult like following. Nate’s music took him touring nationally with bands such as Social Distortion and sharing the stage with many other lengendary artists.   His songs have been used in multiple national TV commericals, for video games like Tony Hawk, the hit MTv show Viva La Bam, and even a Disney feature film as the theme song.  The action sports world embraced his songwriting style as well featuring it on Fuel T.V., and numerous skate/surf/motocross videos.

During his music career Nate began to struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. “I could play a show where a thousand kids were singing my songs and still walk away empty inside.  Sure, alcohol and drugs made that void go away at first but eventually I couldn’t fill the emptiness inside of me.”

Since getting sober Nate is extremely passionate about using his musical gifts to help those heal through music.
 “As Bob Marley once said, ‘One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain.’  Through music and our fellowship we get others excited. We elevate their joy and give them hope.  That’s the magic of Rock to Recovery!”