The Wall


LOve it! You guys Rock for real!


A really good answer, full of raoiantlity!


I actually found this more enitaertning than James Joyce.


That takes us up to the next level. Great ponigst.


My proeblm was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

Gary Fedoroff 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rock to Recovery for the last year and a half specifically with Nate Lawler. The way these guys engage our young men and inspire our staff is amazing. Finding recovery through creative expression is awesome. Nate inspires me in my work with these guys to relate and work with that is outside the box. I have recently relocated to Connecticut and have had several phone calls with Nate trying to figure out how Rock to Recovery can come out east. Thank you guys for all that you do and the inspiration that keeps me going.

Natasha Rudar 

Rock To Recovery has been coming to CLARE Foundation for some time now. Sonny is amazing! Our clients look forward to jamming with him. Being able to express your thoughts and feelings creatively allows individuals the ability to break through barriers they may not have been able to get through as quickly. Rock To Recovery gives our clients a great opportunity on a weekly basis that they look forward to and cherish! Thank you guys!

Wes Geer 

Jan we had a great time with you too! -thanks for being RAD!

Wes Geer 

Charlie! It was our pleasure, we had sooo much fun with you and everyone. Such amazing people and certainly an honor to get to share the magic of music together. We look forward to the next rendezvous in Seattle. Get the gear list yet? -Wes


Nate Lawler, I’m unbelievably proud to see your name here. I’m a longtime fan of Death on Wednesday, primarily due to your voice and songwriting skills. My own band tried its damnedest to close in on the style and swagger you guys had. I’ve never struggled with addiction like those you’re helping serve now, but I have witnessed it’s pain. Respect, brother.

Ps, “Take my Heart and send it out to sea” is deeply incorporated into my left arm sleeve. 🙂

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