The Wall

Charlie O'Connors 

Wesley and Nate,

Sorry I haven’t sent you anything earlier than this, but I’ve had a little bit of catching up to do after our Las Vegas trip. As Wes noted during rehearsals at Nellis AFB, I was a little emotional watching our Wounded Warriors rehearse for their gig for closing ceremonies of the USAF Trials. You want to make me smile, make my heroes smile. Among the men and women you have in the Circle of Warriors band are individuals who have experienced things no one should have to experience. Participating in the Rock to Recovery program brought out voices and smiles that we had not seen. Weeks later, we are still listening to them tell us about their experience with Rock to Recovery. Rock to Recovery makes a difference. I’m sure you know that, or you wouldn’t be doing it. Thank you for joining us at the USAF Trials, and I hope to see you both again in the near future. Charlie (Band Manager)

Jan Brown 

What a wonderful experience I had with ya’ll thanks so much for getting me way out of my comfort zone and letting me play! We were RAD! I hope to work with you again in the near future. Peace


Unbelievable how this dream has opened into a beautiful, dynamic and powerful program….Spiritually driven by such talented and dedicated folks…continued success and many blessings…ellie brokaw.

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