Ian Depew, CIP

Ian Depew has been playing music since he was 4. He has played in several San Diego bands, including Indigo Mystics, with Rock to Recovery program administrator Brandon Parkhurst. Music is a significant part of Ian’s life and recovery.

Ian’s recovery journey began in 2000 when he went through the first of 16 treatment centers, fighting heroin addiction for a decade. In 2010, he finally found recovery and went on to found Sober Ranch, a 20-bed, long term, 12-step immersion program on Palomar Mountain. In 2012, he founded West Coast Recovery Centers (WCRC), a 50-bed substance use disorder treatment center committed to traditional and non-traditional forms of recovery. It was at WCRC where he was introduced to Wes Geer and Rock to Recovery. WCRC was the first treatment center in San Diego to bring this dynamic modality to its clientele.

The power that music has to heal emotional, mental, and spiritual maladies is profound. Ian is grateful to be part of the Rock to Recovery family as a program administrator. He has seen the evidence of Rock to Recovery’s positive outcomes in hundreds of cases over the last 5 years and has found a home bringing this powerful program to those in need in the San Diego area.