Noah Landis is a musical “lifer.” At an early age he dedicated himself to all things punk, metal and rock and roll. He’s been a key member in the Bay Area underground music scene since the mid-80s and his bands shared bills in the early days with Green Day, Rancid, Operation Ivy and The Melvins. For the last 25 years he’s been the keyboard player for Neurosis, a loud-but-beautiful industrial punk/metal band. Touring for decades, they built a dedicated fan-base and traveled the world. It was a rewarding life in an artistic sense, but Noah was also a dedicated drinker and by 2017, he was in a crisis with alcohol and drugs. Noah ultimately found some clarity and made the decision to go to rehab. Since then he has been 100% dedicated to his recovery program, DBT therapy, the YMCA and now, Rock to Recovery! Through Rock to Recovery, Noah brings the healing power of music to others, and is witness to how positive and uplifting playing music is for those who are in their own crisis.