Rick Barnes

Board Of Directors

In his 20s, Rick Barnes was an actor in New York, doing commercials, TV, and a lot of drugs. His addiction obliterated the professional path he was on. He got sober in 1991, at age 28. After getting sober, Rick got into film production and music videos, eventually becoming an Assistant Director. In 2001, as the rock ‘n roll music video business was drying up, Rick became a Recovery Coach and has held that position since.

Because of his experience in film and music, helping artists was a perfect match for Rick. He has coached some of the biggest stars in both arenas. Going on movie locations and traveling on music tours, Rick has been instrumental in helping many artists achieve sober, creative lives.

Although he is not a musician, music has always been a medicine for Rick, and he is honored to be a part of Rock to Recovery. Rick sits on the board of the Rock to Recovery nonprofit and advises the team at R2R Companions, where he is a lead trainer.