Rock To Recovery 4

Rock To Recovery 4 will take place on Saturday, August 24 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. The event will feature music from the night’s headline band GOLDFINGER and SACRED SONS (musicians from KORN, SEVENDUST, MADONNA, SHE WANTS REVENGE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN). This year’s benefit concert will be honoring actress, singer-songwriter and Golden Globe winner Katey Sagal with the Rock To Recovery Icon Award and musician and producer John Feldmann (BLINK 182, PANIC! AT THE DISCO, THE USED) with the Rock To Recovery Service Award. SACRED SONSwill be joined by SYSTEM OF A DOWN‘s Shavo Odadjian for the night’s co-headlining band.  Click here to get your tickets before it sells out!  



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Rock to Recovery was created to help soothe the restless souls of those in recovery. We do this by creating a “band” and writing and recording songs together with Rock to Recovery’s staff of professional musicians, who are also in recovery. We help bring fun into treatment and recovery by offering a natural escape from the fear-based mind. This helps people grow a sense of belonging and self esteem. We help to vent emotions by writing lyrics and singing together for release, in real-time. We tie in a positive theme of hope in recovery throughout the whole process. When the session is done, our “band” members feel a new energy all throughout their minds and spirits.


Music is a powerful tool, proven to help soothe the soul. For someone in recovery, learning to have clean and sober fun, feeling a part of, connecting to a group, and quieting the mind are keys to a successful new life. It’s time to feel good in all that we do. Rock to Recovery gives people, such as recovering addicts/alcoholics, victims of abuse, troubled teens, or any individual in recovery, a chance to have fun expressing themselves, working as a group, and experiencing the natural high only music can produce.


Meditation quiets the mind, bringing attention to the present and helping us set an intention for our work.

Manifestation Masterclass helps us change the limiting stories we tell ourselves, transforming worldview and personal experience. These activities are arts-based and experiential.

Core Energetics is a specialized team-building activity that activates and connects individuals, allowing them to support one another while they process bound-up emotion. This can be a powerful experience, helping people share the deepest aspects of their authentic selves.

Breathworks is an ancient breathing exercise that creates a highly activated state, releasing energetic blocks and trapped emotion and allowing individuals to find new focus and clarity.

Soul Song Expression Session is our signature module. Through the power of writing, playing, and performing music, the group will reach new levels of cohesion and find the happiness and unity only music can create. 


Our non-profit entity proudly accepts donations to help further our cause, helping people recover through music! Donations finance our efforts to bring our music program to people and facilities that typically do not have funding for our services.

As a non-profit, donations to Rock to Recovery are tax deductible.

For in-kind donations, sponsorship, and other opportunities to give, please email us through our “contact” page.