Max Venison was born in Liverpool, England – a town famous for producing a certain four-piece music group. He moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old and quickly secured a solo multi-album recording contract under the name Max Morgan (Chime Ent. / Universal). Whilst having had over a dozen placements in television (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, NFL) and momentum building at radio across the U.S, Max left the deal in a state of disillusionment shortly after the release of his debut album. Although Max went on to write music for numerous commercials, musicals, and other artists internationally, he was already on the losing end of a battle with alcohol and drugs. By 2012, alcohol had well and truly drowned out Max’s love of music – he hit bottom.

With the help of recovery communities, Max has been sober since 2012 and an entirely new foundation for life has been realized. He is immensely grateful that the love of music/creativity has exponentially returned to him. Max was invited to join an exclusive acting Master Class, played a role in a network TV show, appeared in multiple short films, wrote and recorded many new songs / collaborated with other artists and is currently working on his first E.P since being sober.

“Music and creativity had always been my saving grace and my primary source of joy. I would never have thought that anything could change that, including alcohol and other drugs. I was wrong. When I got sober I thought the price that I had to pay was a life without music and creativity. Thankfully it all came flooding back! Recovery has made new space inside of me to experience the wonders of art and music like I never have before. Rock to Recovery provides me with a unique opportunity to be there with others who want to experience the joy of music in recovery.