Anthony Christopher

Founder, My Clean Water Act

Mr. Christopher’s career has circled back to television and is currently Executive Producing a series for NBC Univiso that will air the third quarter, 2016. He has also developed a joint venture partnership with one of the largest media companies in China that manages a $1.6B media fund. He began his career while in college, became an office production coordinator on the original S.W.A.T. series working with Robert Hamner.

 In the 80’s as President of Active International he oversaw all production, marketing and global distribution producing some 20 projects per year. He was also President of Gold Key Entertainment, a video production/distribution company. Working around the globe over the last 30+ years he has been responsible for hundreds of programs and projects from South Africa to France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, England, Netherlands, Libya, Hong Kong, the Arctic and many other locations.

In the 90’s, Mr. Christopher saw the “future” and migrated into media. He has consulted and/or produced content for NASA, Boeing, Pepsi, Nissan, Cox Communications, Sony, Miller Brewing Company, Disney, Wells Fargo, JEEP, Capital Records, Arista Records, General Motors and others. In 2011 he produced for JEEP and Activision “Maximum Warriors” – a live action version of Call of Duty-Black Ops for internet and mobile viral marketing distribution – prepping the marketplace for opening day sales. Black Ops sold $242m in its first day of sales. A record.

Interested in environmental and educational issues he has worked with and produced programs for the University of California, UNESCO, OC Department of Education, Ocean Institute, Aquarium and many others. He founded My Clean Water Act, an online/offline awareness program about clean water that reached 1.7M consumers. As CEO he was responsible for all online and live events that hosted audiences from 8,000 to 25,000+ at numerous universities. His specific responsibilities covered promotions, site logistics, sponsorship sales and contract negotiations, sponsor fulfillment, etc. Staples, Chevrolet, Hurley, Monster, Metropolitan Water (World’s largest water district with 19M customers), City of Newport Beach and other sponsors participated