Elenie Reese

Non Profit Partnerships, Synergy Global Entertainment

After attending Cal State Long Beach, Elenie pursued her desire to travel the world by becoming a flight attendant for PSA and then became an In Flight Service Manager for the First Class airline, MGM Grand Air. She went on to coordinate all aspects of travel for high profile clients such as Guns & Roses, U2, Rod Stewart, the Chicago Bulls Bulls and the White House Press Corp.

Shortly after having her daughter she combined her artistic passion and entrepeneureal spirit and created a playfully edgy and rock and roll inspired infant and childrens line called Lil Punk. In the days when duckies and elephants were the norm, Lil Punk was the first of its kind to be carried at the world famous Fred Segal, Kitson, the Hard Rock Hotels, Hot Topic and more.

Often involved in some aspect of philanthropy and volunteering the past ten years have fullfilled her hope to dedicate more time to giving back.

She is the Foundation and Programs Director for the festival production company, Synergy Global Entertainment, bringing awareness and fundraising opportunities to the fans along with engaging festival sponsors, vendors, talent and the tour in donating to the various causes.

The military inspired program Metal of Honor is a staple on SGE’s various hard rock and country music festivals. The Ohana Festival focuses on foundations doing exceptional work with regards to the oceans, environment and the local surf community.