Jen Sugermeyer

Jen Sugermeyer aims to help others elevate their minds so they can elevate their lives. She is the Founder and CEO to the emerging cosmetics brand, ATA Cosmetics, which focuses on beauty, health, and self-confidence. Jen writes for Recovery Today Magazine, Entrepreneur, and has published several books on personal growth and confidence. Alongside her writing career, she’s been interviewed on many television shows, has public speaking engagements, and podcasts in her free time. Jen had a 15-year career in IT Leadership where she once held a Top Secret clearance working with the Department of Defense and Department of State working alongside the military and government in both Washington D.C. and Afghanistan.
Among all her achievements, Jen has fought her own personal battles bringing her to recovery in 2018. Although Jen looks like a WNBA player, she did not play sports but rather grew up in a musical family and knows the power of healing through music and expression.