Morgan Freed

CEO, Ride or Cry, | Founder, Emo Nite

Morgan is the Co-Founder of several companies mainly relating to music and entertainment. Focusing everywhere from digital strategy to activations to commercials to full scale tours. Morgan has been heavily involved with the sober community for over 10 years. Morgan helped start Community Meeting to bring awareness into nightlife culture for youths. 

“Before getting sober, all I knew how to do was to get f@$%ed up and play in bands. After getting sober, I realized I didn’t know if I would be able to play/perform not under the influence, because I never tried. I conquered that fear and realized not only is it better but I found the ability to connect with people much differently and in a more positive space. I also found out that I like being behind the scenes (directing, festival/even planning, artist creative direction) as much as I like being on stage. I think that Rock to Recovery is a fantastic tool to help people that were just like me and beyond. My main focus for being on the board is to present R2R to a culture/s that might not have the opportunity see it. By using my companies as platforms to reach a different audience I believe I can bring fresh ideas and help to carve out new ideas from older ones. My main goal is to help people as much as I can with what I’m given, so I’m proud to be a part of Rock to Recovery!”