Tom Jones

Tom is a tech industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience in software, eCommerce technology and executive leadership.


After 10+ years co-leading a hardware and software startup, Tom began working with CNET Networks when the company was acquired in 2001.  He spent 8 years in several executive roles, and in 2008 expanded his involvement as VP Global Operations after CBS Interactive (aka Paramount) acquired CNET.  These positions took him all over the world, working with several international teams, partners, and Fortune 500 companies.  Tom ventured back into the tech startup sector, and in 2013 launched EnableVue, LLC, serving many Fortune 1000 companies’ eCommerce, data, content and web technology needs.  In addition, he holds a position as Sr. Director at Infor, Inc., overseeing several product & analytics initiatives for the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) cloud solutions.


Tom is passionate about people and music which is why this program really speaks to him. Not a stranger to addiction, he’s faced obstacles of his own and has a family history of addiction.  A self-taught guitarist for over 30 years, he finds solace and inspiration in music of all genres.  He is excited to help facilitate the rebuilding of lives and relationships through music.