Service Members Share ‘Art’ of Healing by

Our friend Ja’Miracle was recently quoted in an article on where she shared about Rock To Recovery and the healing power of music!  Click here for the full article.

“When we end up in these dark places, whether they [are] from alcohol, isolation, etc., I think the symptoms are similar,” said Geer. “I ended up in a rough space. I lost my career. I lost my friends. Music became very important for me because it showed me that it could transform how I felt. I hear people say all the time, ‘but I’m not musical,’ but if I turn on some music right now, what’s the first thing your body does? Dance. So yes, we are all musical.”

Rock to Recovery is a non-profit that helps people in recovery, whether from addiction or trauma, learn to express themselves through songs they compose during workshops.

Regardless of a person’s prior musical experience or ability, Geer said this music therapy helps people explore their feelings and offers a creative, intimate outlet for expression.

“When you rock out, you do it organically. We aren’t trying to be perfect – this is just us trying to express [what’s in] our hearts and our souls,” Geer said.

Veteran Ja’Miracle Morant joined the Air Force for a better chance at “making her own choices,” but trauma from a sexual assault “flipped her world upside down.” Rock to Recovery helped her put her world back together.

“When [the assault] happened I didn’t know what to do. I was ready to die and didn’t feel like I had anything left in life, but then I got an email from Wounded Warriors inviting me to an event in Florida,” said Morant. “One day, someone heard me singing and told me I should try Rock to Recovery.”