Honoring Amie Harwich And How L.A. Women Are Demanding Justice In Wake Of Her Death

Today in Pennsylvania, Dr. Amie Harwick will be laid to rest. Tragedies like this are incomprehensible. We can’t believe this happened, that she’s really has left this physical realm. We can only attempt to imagine what her family and friends gathered in her honor are feeling today processing all that is taking place. Please take a moment and join us in a prayer for Amie, her family, her friends that they may find strength in God and each other in all they must endure moving forward.

For all those suffering from domestic violence, seen and unseen, that Amie’s death may act as an impetuous to create great change and help to stop the abuse and loss of life of these victims. Together we can make a change! Amie would want it that way. You are forever in our hearts, Amie.

LA Weekly recently wrote an article about Amie and how those who have experienced domestic violence are pushing for change in a system that failed them.  Read the entire article here.